If you’ve been using Samsung Flow to make working with your Windows 10 PC or laptop and your Samsung Android smartphone more seamless, then we’ve got good news for you. The latest update to the app will make it even better. Version 3.5.04 on Android and version 3.5.10 on Windows 10 will bring you three new things to make working cross platform a much easier proposition. You get clipboard sharing, dragging and dropping files, and authentication through your tablet’s biometrics.

Copying and pasting text across apps is probably one of the most common things we do. It becomes a bit tougher when it’s across devices and platforms. This feature will bring you a clipboard icon on the top right corner of the Samsung Flow app and when you click on it, it will sync in real time across the connected devices. So if you need to copy paste from your phone and your PC and vice versa, this should make it easier and more seamless.

Dragging and dropping your files between the two devices is also a pretty helpful feature. When you’re in the Smart View mode, mirroring your phone’s screen through the Flow app, then you’ll be able to just drag and drop whatever files you may need from your PC, provided of course that you have the necessary app to open whatever file it is on your smartphone.

Lastly, you can now use biometrics from your supported Galaxy tablets to sign-in to your Samsung Flow without having to authenticate it on your phone through Simple Unlock or Samsung Pass. Just go to the Manage Device section in the settings menu of your Flow app and under the Authentication Method, just go ahead and toggle the Tablet Biometrics on.

The Samsung Flow update is rolling out now to users. You can check your app’s Google Play page or if it hasn’t reached you yet and you can’t wait, just download the APK from the source link.

VIA: SAM Mobile