Pretty soon, you just might be able to use your mobile devices not just for playing games or browsing the web, but for a lot of medical related body monitoring. The US Patent & Trademark Office revealed that Samsung has a patent application for using either your smartwatch or smartphone to monitor heart rate and blood pressure, pulse rate, blood flow velocity and even determining the user’s skin condition. This may very well be the future of Galaxy devices as they evolve from just functional and entertainment hubs, but eventually turn into medical tools as well.

The first patent shows a laser speckle interferometric system that has a laser light source and a detector, as well as processing and memory units. This may also include a display which will reflect the monitored aspects, like your pulse rate or blood pressure. It may also include a speaker so that the pulse rate or blood pressure may emit a sound or voice signal that will transmit data to the connected device the findings in a wireless capacity of course.

Another patent shows more of the same, but this time, there is a a strap fixer which may very well be an arm strap that can be worn by the user. The laser speckle interferometric system can be used when a brachial artery is the source of information for vital signs like blood pressure and heart rate.

All of these things are still pretty vague of course, and sometimes patents are never used, but it should be interesting to speculate how Samsung will eventually use all these tech to further enhance what smartphones and smartwatches can do for you. But since this is a patent application, we also will not know when this will potentially be used.

VIA: Patently Mobile