Samsung multi-display full screen smartphone 2

Samsung’s plans and schedules have been made known to us this week. We learned the Galaxy X will be unveiled in January during possibly during the CES 2019 while the Galaxy S10 will be unpacked at the Mobile World Congress the following month. For the rest of 2018, the South Korean tech giant is still set to introduce the Galaxy Note 9. The latter is the next-gen premium flagship phone that is set to come with a new and improved S Pen, a new ISOCELL Plus camera sensor, 512GB storage in some markets, 6GB or 8GB RAM, and a Snapdragon 845 chipset.

A full-screen smartphone is still being anticipated but we don’t think the Note 9 will have such. It may be ready in time for the Galaxy S10 but a new patent shows a phone with a really full screen. This means a truly bezel-phone offering.

The patent shows the design for a ‘Full-screen Multi-Display Smartphone’. The document was filed on July 5, 2018 with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) so this is relatively new. We can see four design variants but each own show full display at the side, rear, and front. The only differences we can see are the locations of the camera and the size of the screen edges.

Let’s take a look at each model:

Model Type 1. The first model has a bezel-less display. There’s no notch but we see a large earpiece. There’s the camera on the upper right of the screen with the home button at the bottom, still within the screen but not an under-display sensor.

Model Type 2. This one features a slightly rounded frame. We’re assuming the display extends to the edges. There are two holes on top, the left and the right, which we think could be the camera and the flash or they could be two cameras.

Model Type 3. The third phone may remind you of any other phone today but with a display that extends to the edges. The forehead and chin are bigger though, housing the earpiece and camera on top plus the home button on the chin.

Model Type 4. Last but not the least, this model looks similar to the Model Type 3 but the back has a bigger display. The selfie camera is on the top right part of the screen.

At this point, we can’t say what Galaxy phone is this. The fullscreen display design may be the reason by Samsung isn’t jumping on the notch bandwagon. As for the camera on the third model, it could be hidden similar to the Vivo NEX.

We don’t have many details on the specs and other features but another patent showed a phone with magnetic strips instead of a frame. This allows a bigger screen. We don’t think this is a foldable phone but it could be the model before the Galaxy X. Just as phones with notched designs are considered as transition phones before the full bezel-phone, this could be Samsung’s very own transition phone before the S10 or the Galaxy X.

VIA: LetsGoDigital