Samsung Galaxy Phone Cover

We’re about to start our countdown not just for Christmas and the New Year but for the day when Samsung will show off the new Galaxy S9. We’re expecting it will be teased during the International CES event happening in January before the official launch the following month at the Mobile World Congress. We’ve heard many information already but nothing has been confirmed yet by the South Korean tech giant. We just know it will also have an Infinity Display. Size may be close or similar to the S9.

The idea of a curved display is welcome because the company has already worked on such. But this new detail that popped up, a 180-degree curved screen that extends to the back is something new. We know Samsung has been working on a truly flexible-foldable display and perhaps it will launch the said technology first on the next-gen premium Galaxy S. If not the Galaxy S9, then the Note 9 due in the second half of 2018.

New patents were spotted that tell us of a display with a curved display on two sides. We find this one interesting because Samsung has been spending a lot of time and money on research and development for a new display technology. These are only patent filings so they may or may not enter production. However, being published on the World International Property Office (WIPO) means something. The technology is important and is something meant for global use.

This particular document though shows text explanations and images of the design, look, and even production process. It appears almost complete so it must be something that the tech giant is seriously considering. We don’t think it’s the Galaxy X—Samsung’s first foldable phone—but a different one. We’ll see.

VIA: LetsGoDigital