Samsung is already working on a foldable display and foldable phone. We can expect the smartphone to be unveiled some time in the 3rd quarter. It may even get new rivals in this new category of “foldables”. This time, the South Korean tech giant is said to be considering e-ink displays for the phone. No, Samsung isn’t going backwards but it might add a secondary screen with such display according to a recent patent filed at the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

This is more of a protective phone case with an e-ink display–a flip cover for the upcoming flagship phone. Samsung already has its lineup of Flip Covers but the next one may feature a secondary display aside from the usual transparent cutout slots for notifications.

Looking at the illustration provided, the Flip Cover still has the cutout but now comes with a bigger window. We’re assuming it is for the E-ink screen that will show alerts, incoming text messages, reminders, or just about any other static content available. E-ink displays may not be smooth and obviously not vivid but it’s only a secondary display for simple notifications. You don’t really need any super bright and colorful display so the E-ink should be enough.

We hope to see this new Flip Cover at the Mobile World Congress next month together with the Galaxy S8.

VIA: Galaxy Club



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