Samsung claimed a small victory back in October when the US Court of Appeals overturned the preliminary injunction that banned Galaxy Nexus smartphone sales. And while some may argue that the importance of the Galaxy Nexus is not the same as it was back in October — remember, it may not be about the amount of sales at this point, but what not attempting to stop the sales may mean for the trial. Regardless though, it looks like Apple is now trying to have that ruling overturned.

Or maybe more accurately, Apple has asked all nine active Federal Circuit judges to reconsider that decision. We are going to have to wait for the judges decision to see which way this ruling will go, however according to a recent Reuters report; “several legal experts believe Apple faces long odds in trying to persuade the appeals court to revisit its decision.”

Samsung followed up the request by saying that a review was unnecessary because “Apple did not have enough evidence to show a “causal nexus” between its patented search capability and iPhone sales to justify a ban on sales of the Galaxy Nexus.” Samsung argued further that the ruling against Apple used well established reasoning and that it did not conflict with US Supreme Court precedent.

That all being said, representatives from both companies declined to comment on the situation. Of course, with the trial scheduled to go to federal court in March 2014, we would have been more surprised if they had offered a comment.

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