No cellphone can ship perfectly with no bugs. Usually it is up to the end users via forums to find and report such bugs. This is not the case with the Samsung Fascinate that launched 2 days ago online and yesterday in stores. In fact a document with all of the know bugs has been shared with the folks at Boy Genius Report.

These bugs range from very annoying (call disconnecting if you press the search button) to fairly harmless (no message delete status). Below are some of the more interesting bugs you should check out so you know what to avoid during your first few weeks with the device until they are all patched.

  • Call Disconnect:
If you are on a call or in the process of receiving an incoming call and you press the search button the call may be disconnected.
  • Blank Screen:
If you are on a call and a second call comes in, you get the correct Caller ID information. If you answer the second call, the caller ID screen goes blank and does not show any caller information.
  • Exchange Security Policy Email Password:
There is no ability to change the device password after Exchange security policy is applied. There is no password option in the Location & Security settings menu, only swipe unlock settings
  • Not Available via Wi-Fi:
If the device is in WIFI mode you will not be able to access the over the air software update system (FOTA).
  • Same Number Listed Multiple Times:
When syncing contacts from multiple sources, contacts with the same name will be combined but the actual numbers are not compared so you may have the same number listed more then once under a contact
  • You can not run the VZnavigator application when in WIFI mode

[Via BGR]


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