When it comes to filing and fighting for patents, Samsung is one of the first that will go and really fight for its technologies. It has already faced several other big companies like Apple, Huawei, Qualcomm, and NVIDIA. The South Korean tech giant has been slapped with similar patent infringement lawsuits before and this time, a data security firm from the United States has just filed one against Samsung. The case was filed in April at the Texas Eastern District Court.

According to PACid, Samsung has infringed a number of biometric features such as iris, facial recognition, fingerprint, and user verification used on Samsung KNOX and Samsung Pass technologies. These features are usually found on the latest Galaxy devices. The patent infringements are applied in both South Korea and the US. Samsung could be asked to face $3 billion in damages if found “guilty” since models covered are from the Galaxy S6 up to the S8. The amount will depend on the units sold.

We’re not sure if there is truth to the lawsuit because PACid is unknown but it has already filed similar ones against Nintendo, Apple, and Google. Let’s see how the case will develop. We’re curious as to how Samsung will face this problem.



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