Samsung Experience 9.0

Samsung just released the beta version of Samsung Experience. The latter replaced TouchWiz earlier as a part of the Galaxy beta program. This allows some Galaxy phone owners to test and try new features before they are released commercially. Samsung Experience 9.0 goes beyond the user interface offered by Android. The idea is a smooth and seamless mobile experience between and among Samsung apps, services, and software.

The Galaxy Note 8 first received the Samsung Experience 8.5. The new beta version will be ready for the next premium flagship phone from the South Korean tech giant. It is based on the new OS, specifically Android Oreo UI and UX. If you own a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+, you can try the Samsung Experience 9.0 beta program. That is, if you also live in South Korea, the UK, or the United States. Hopefully, Samsung will receive your invaluable feedback on the performance and usability of the program. It’s not perfect yet so we can expect a few bugs and issues here and there. Check your Samsung+ app to apply for the Samsung Experience 9.0 beta.

On a related note, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 beta is almost ready. A changelog for firmware version G950USQI1ZQJJ (T-Mobile) reveals the upcoming changes including the addition of Samsung Experience 9.0 and improvements on the Quick Panel, Home Screen, Samsung Keyboard, System Performance, Edge Screen, Samsung Cloud, Samsung Dual Messenger, Find My Mobile, and Samsung Dex.

Some other changes also include additional high-quality audio codecs for Bluetooth, auto-repeat and 2x speed for Video, Voice Recorder blocking calls while recording, flagging of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync emails, more secure Samsung Pay, sticky notification in Samsung Health, Landscape mode and timer in Clock, new unified workspace for Knox Workspace and Android for Work, and the ability to manage usernames and passwords in 3rd-party apps using Samsung Pass. You may also notice new emojis and changes on the long press menu.


SOURCE: Samsung


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