As we’ve said before, don’t hold your breath while waiting for the Android 9.0 Pie to finally arrive for your Samsung device as it takes the OEM several months before it starts rolling the update. But thanks to some friends from Firmware Science, the folks over at XDA Developers were able to port the Samsung Experience 10, based on Pie, to the Snapdragon version of the Galaxy S9+. It’s still a very unstable version as of now, but at least we can get a basic idea of what it will look like when both the Experience and Pie finally come to newer devices.

When it comes to the System UI changes, the most obvious one is the availability of the AMOLED Dark Theme or as Samsung calls it, the Night theme. Except in this early build, it is automatically enabled and there is no light theme available. But it is probably something they’re currently fixing. The card style will also look different as you now get curved edges and rounded buttons in a lot of the sections. The lock screen now has the time nearer to the center and a new design for the clock.

As for the system settings, a lot of cosmetic changes are also happening. There is now a new motions and gestures menu which has the previous gestures like swipe on the fingerprint scanner and palm swipe to capture but also new ones like lift to wake, which is what it says it is. A new gesture control is swiping up from the bottom where you see each button located. There are also UI indicators to show where you should swipe up on.

For the System Apps, not much has changed features wise but when it comes to looks, there are a few changes. The Dialer has recent, keypad, contacts, and places at the bottom of the screen. Same goes with Messages, the conversations and contacts options are now at the bottom and the compose bar is a bit taller and wider. The Bixby Home UI looks a bit different as well but no additional features have been spotted yet.

The Samsung Mail seems to be the only one without support for the night theme, but that may change in the final build. For now, the email app, together with the Gallery and My Files have new, rounded corners. The Camera app also got a new UI and possibly options for the macro and micro shots as there’s a tree and a flower in the bottom corner of the screen. You can port the Samsung Experience 10 to your device, but remember that it’s still a bit unstable and has a lot of bugs.

VIA: XDA Developers


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