It’s no secret that Samsung has become one of the most popular phone manufacturers out there thanks to its Galaxy line of smartphones, but a new Reuters poll for Q2 pegs the company as going above and beyond what it has accomplished in the past. Reuters’ poll – which picked the brains of 41 industry analysts – says that Samsung is expected to have sold 50 million smartphones in quarter 2. When compared to Apple’s expected 30.5 million sales, it’s pretty easy to see who the winner of this contest is.

The praise for Samsung doesn’t stop at just sales predictions, however, as IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo said that the company is “expected to be the smartphone hero in the second quarter.” Jeronimo also says that they are expecting to see Samsung take the record for the most smartphones shipped by a single manufacturer in one quarter, thanks in no small part to the Galaxy S II, the immensely popular Galaxy S III, and the massive marketing campaigns for both.

When it comes to sales figures, Samsung’s strength is in its diverse range of devices on offer. Smartphone sales tend to spike when a brand new model is released, which for Apple happens only once a year. Samsung, on the other hand, introduces multiple devices to the market throughout the year, so it has any easier time getting a large number of smartphones out the door on a consistent basis.

Indeed, it seems that Samsung’s popularity will continue to rise in the coming quarters, and with Nielsen recently saying that Android phones make up nearly 52% of the market, the Android platform as a whole is definitely sitting pretty.

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