The outlook for Samsung’s mobile business may not be as rosy as they would want but they’re still pretty bullish on their other electronic products. Or at least they would want to create more products to bring to the market. According to their director of developer relations for XR and gaming Farshid Fallah, they will be coming up with “multiple AR and VR products” in the next few months. He didn’t really give any more details after that but if you’re interested in those platforms, then you’ll probably be excited as to what they are planning.

According to a story published on Variety, Fallah spoke at the Augmented World Expo in California and during a panel by Samsung and outlined the company’s AR and VR strategy. He focused more on what AR features will be coming to the Galaxy S10 particularly on the advanced depth sensor of the device and Bixby Vision. These things help users identify objects just by pointing their phone at them and in some cases, you can even buy the objects through connected platforms.

However, there were no details given about what these AR and VR products are. Fallah shared what are the VR efforts that the company has done since they first released the original Gear VR headset last 2015. Since then the Gear brand hasn’t had much traction but he did suggest that it may actually live on for AR and VR although how that will look like wasn’t shared just yet.

There have been two versions of a high-end VR headset that was powered by the Mixed Reality platform of Microsoft. There have been some experimentation as well in the head-mounted AR space, releasing an experimental device at last year’s developer’s conference.

But as to what AR and VR products we should expect in the next few months, there wasn’t really anything shared during the panel so we’ll have to wait for all the rumors and leaks to start flying around.