Amid more and more rumors and fake renders of the new Galaxy S III (yeesh, it’s beginning to look like an Apple launch around here) there’s some actual news straight from the horse’s mouth. Maeli Business News reports that Kim Young-Ha, the president of Samsung’s greater China operations, told conference call listeners that the company was considering an expedited April launch for the new flagship phone. The date has yet to be agrees upon by Samsung’s top brass. This is going against the tide of most of the rumors pointing to a May announcement or release.

When Samsung announced that the Galaxy S III wouldn’t be making its way to Mobile World Congress and was instead being saved for a Samsung event, many speculated that either A) it was being pushed back to better compete with the iPhone 5 or B) Samsung was waiting for a more seamless global release. The US, Canada and some of the more remote regions of the world tend to follow Europe and Asia by a factor of months for major phone releases, and it’s possible that Samsung wanted a simultaneous (or nearly so) worldwide release. Leaks and rumors have indicated May 22nd for the event date, but nothing’s been confirmed.

It isn’t clear if or why Samsung would move the date up, other than to satisfy a growing demand for the as-yet unseen device. It’s worth noting that an executive in China would be unlikely to have any sort of final say in the matter, since Samsung’s head offices and most of its senior executives are in South Korea. We wait in breathless anticipation for any sort of real news on the Galaxy S III, which has so far eluded the tech press worldwide. About all we can say with certainty is that it’s coming, and that somebody out there has got entirely too much time to fiddle around in Photoshop.

[via SlashGear]