Samsung is preparing their live promotional product introduction event for Thursday, and we’ll be there to cover it. If you don’t like having your news fed to you, and instead like to see it for yourself, you too can watch it via live stream on the Samsung site and on YouTube. Either way you enjoy it, you should be in for quite a show.

Although the show in March was an absolute mad-fest (we’re still getting over how over the top it was) we expect this round to come off as more professional, open concept type affair. We could end up seeing some things we haven’t seen before in person (Did someone say Samsung NX Camera?) or we could end up seeing the same stuff we’ve already seen. It’s all a big surprise as of now.

The event itself will be held in London at 7:00pm BST, and will include all of Samsung’s current lineup, as well as a massive entourage of accessories, live video promotions, and announcements. One thing we’re especially looking forward to is the opportunity to get hands on with some devices we haven’t been able to check out firsthand. These include the Galaxy S 4 Zoom, and hopefully (fingers crossed) the Tab 3.

You can expect us to be there, and to come at you live from the event. We’ll also be heavily covering the Android side of things, but might mention some Windows ATIV stuff if they have Android bits. Either way, we’ll be weighing in on everything left and right, so you won’t want to miss it.

SOURCE: Samsung