The Samsung Epic has recently been one of the lucky Samsung phones to get updated to Android 2.2 FroYo, along with the upgrade came a few small issues that were discussed and fixed according to Samsung. Apparently they missed one.

When you take that much time to get an update out, we would expect things to be a little smoother and less buggy, but that isn’t how it turned out. At least they are fixing things. Monday they released a patch for the Android 2.2 EB13 Software that fixes a hardware keyboard problem. According to a few members at XDA the 2.2 update for the Epic brought a small glitch that made texting and typing pretty difficult. When you type a word such as “hello” the double click of L does not get recognized and it writes “helo”, making you constantly go back and fix mistakes. That would be very frustrating.

The smart minds at XDA figured out it was a change in settings with the delay in response with clicking the keys, they have changed it back to the stock Android 2.1 setting on the Epic and this issue has now disappeared. If you feel like changing this and making life easier on the Epic, feel free to check out the source link for all the information

[via XDA Forums]