We’re not sure when it happened, but some how the Samsung Epic 4G has managed to gotten itself caught up in some wild accusations regarding its release date. For the most part, and especially compared to other devices, the rumor mill consisting of the banter about its suspected release date has been pretty quiet. But, as we inch closer to that August 11th announcement date (without so much of a peep from the third largest wireless carrier in the States), we’re beginning to assume that maybe that date isn’t right.

So, doing a little searching, and we find that a member of the Android Central forum says that, according to folks he knows close to the matter, the Epic 4G is actually going to be able to start ordering Epic inventory on August 16th, and then be able to sell them on the 21st of the same month. There’s still a chance that Sprint could come swinging out of the door tomorrow, officially announcing that the device will be made available for purchase on August 21st, with a pre-sale starting on August 16th (or whenever). But, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see how that one turns out. Anyone think it’s the 21st?

[via Android Central]