It takes a lotta balls and/or a lot of time to be comfortable hacking your expensive and sometimes rare devices, making them what you hope for them to ideally be. It takes even MORE balls to physically rip the keypad off of your cellphone in order to create a keypad to play all your favorite games. That’s exactly what BrainLazy writer Cary Golomb did, and he did it with great enthusiasm. But doesn’t he need that to text, you ask? Naw.

The reasons Golomb gives for this mod are simple: the Game Controls with the mod makes it much simpler to carry around (this is opposed to getting an attachable game pad,) the modded keypad is anchored to the device so there’s no chance of slipping, and he uses Swype for nearly all of his typing, so there was no need for the entirety of the keypad. He also notes that while gaming with the entire keypad, often buttons that could potentially wreck a whole session were right under the sides of his thumbs- dangerous! There’s no room for that in hardcore gaming.”580″ height=”351″[/youtube]

So he took out an Exact-o blade and got to work! I don’t recommend this, personally, and the rest of the crew here certainly don’t recommend this sort of modification unless you’ve got really great craftsmanship. Great craftsmanship is the hallmark of a great designer, a great artist, and of course, a great nerd. Once Golomb got to chopping, he realized he needed less keys, then less keys again, more and more until he had the perfect minimal amount, including the amount needed to play the games and a very small amount of functional buttons for the phone. Fun!

[Via BrainLazy]