We know how it is. Sometimes you just want to sit back and watch a nicely CG-rendered mobile phone video. Especially when it’s just a bunch of promotional videos thrown together. And when it comes to Samsung preaching up their latest Galaxy S line of devices (in this case, the Epic 4G), there’s definitely a lot to talk about. In the video you’ll find out why Super AMOLED is better, and you’ll even get a bold statement like the one in the image below. We do know that the 1GHz Hummingbird processor is fast, and apparently that’s enough for Samsung to make some bold claims.

As for the rest of the video, it’s your standard amount of promotional fanfare. There’s nothing groundbreaking revealed within, but you do get to see plenty of the phone, and it does very well to show off all of the device’s great features. So, sit back on your Thursday afternoon and enjoy the goodness that follows.

[via YouTube]


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