When the Samsung Epic 4G was announced, despite the fact it had plenty of the same features seen on other Samsung Galaxy S devices, one of the stand-out features was that ability to connect to Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network. Sure, the EVO 4G was the first device to do it, but it couldn’t stay in the limelight forever. Now that the Epic 4G is close to a release date (we assume), here’s Sprint to show you why you’d want to take a look at the Epic, versus the EVO.

Heather does a great job of showcasing that the Epic 4G features things like a Super AMOLED display and the physical keyboard, while the EVO’s display is larger, and doesn’t have a physical keyboard. She also shows that the Epic’s media streaming is top-notch. Truth be told, whichever device you decide to get will be based solely on personal preference, which you can’t get unless you play with both devices. Watch the video below, anyway, and let us know which device you’re leaning towards (if you already haven’t bought the EVO 4G (unless you plan on getting rid of it)).


[via Sprint’s YouTube Channel]