We have seen our fair share of Gingerbread for the Samsung Droid Charge. Initially showing up on video then a few days later it leaked. Courtesy of P3Droid an even newer build (EP1H) was leaked today and should bring some improvements and speed enhancements.

Early reports are claiming that the build is extremely fast, stable and fairly polished but most likely this isn’t the final build as things are always changing behind closed doors. Although this isn’t the latest Android 2.3.4 you can still get some of that delicious Gingerbread by checking out this latest leak at mydroidworld.

So far there is reports of music streaming occasionally cutting out, as well as some market apps not showing up but that just takes a simple build.prop edit to fix. Feel free to give this latest leak a test and leave any comments you may have in the field below. As always use caution because this is not official software, but those that don’t want to wait I’m sure wont mind.

[via Phandroid]

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