If there were any doubts as to Samsung‘s position among Android device manufacturers, this latest data from Localytics could disple those. As it is, Samsung practically owns the global Android market with 63 percent of the pie, which can be both a boon and a bane for the mobile platform.

The fact that Samsung’s space occupies more than half of all the other manufacturers combined is both impressive and a bit unsettling. Fans will definitely praise the manufacturer’s efforts in helping bring Android to the consciousness of consumers and becoming a real rival to Apple and its iOS devices. Out of the 10 top smartphones, Samsung holds 8 spots, seven of which are at the top. In terms of tablets, the company has lesser representatives but still holds the top two places. Quite sadly, it is only in the tablet arena that any of Google’s devices, specifically the Nexus 7, makes an appearance, though it sits cozily at third.


But Samsung’s success will not always translate to Android’s triumph. The Korean company has ambitious plans ahead, and some of which might not be for Android’s exclusive benefit. It has pretty much implied this at its recently held Developers’ Conference, when it enticed developers to create wonderful apps that target Samsung devices. It doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be Android devices, though, as the company has other platforms on its roster as well. Just recently, Samsung has stated that Tizen, the mobile operating system that it has adopted together with the Linux foundation, will compete in the lower-end device market, a segment that Android 4.4 has been designed to cater to.


Samsung is a company that has undoubtedly put out its fair share of Android products, some of them great, even though plastic-covered, some of them interesting, and some rather odd. But in the end, Samsung will go where the money flows. Fortunately for now, that happens to be Android.

VIA: SamMobile