Huawei Samsung Display

Apart from Apple, Huawei is Samsung’s closest rival, especially in the mobile industry. The top Chinese OEM has already overtaken the South Korean tech giant in some categories but business is still business. Samsung isn’t going to stop supplying components to Huawei even if there is the US trade ban. This has long been a discussion– one that’s presently changing the landscape of the mobile game as numerous companies are being affected. Any brand that uses American technology has been required to ask approval from the US government. Some altogether cut their ties from Huawei while others sought licenses.

As for Samsung, it asked permission for the US government to continue business with Huawei Technologies. Samsung supplies some display products to the company. Mainly, Samsung supplies smartphone OLED displays to the Chinese tech giant.

Samsung is presently the biggest supplier of smartphone OLED displays in the world. Perhaps, Samsung is thinking it will lose a huge chunk of its revenue if it lets go of Huawei. It is said to be the first company from South Korea to earn the approval of the US government.

Restrictions against the Chinese company is now in effect. It’s certainly affecting a lot of businesses. Other South Korean companies like LG Display Co. and chipset makers SK hynix Inc. and also Samsung Electronics, have not received export licenses yet. Other companies like Intel and AMD are believed to have received their licenses from the US as well.