Samsung Display 13 stretchable OLED Display

The race for the best flexible display is on. Samsung has been developing flexible and foldable screens the past few years. It can be considered a success already as the South Korean tech giant has introduced multiple Galaxy Z foldable phones in the past three years. LG has also made it known its new cover window technology and coating for foldable devices. Other Chinese OEMs have also started working on their entries like Motorola, Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor, OnePlus, OPPO, and Vivo among others.

The foldable phone category is relatively new but we know it will soon flourish and become a standard. We believe more advancements will be introduced like Samsung Display’s 13″ stretchable OLED Display. This display was actually shown of recently at the Global Tech Korea 2021 in South Korea.

The LG Display is also working on innovations. It is said to have an advanced technology that will be used on a next-generation display. It will be thinner but is harder than most foldable displays.

Samsung published a video that demonstrates the stretchable display. It appears to be excellent when it comes to showing 3D effect. The images are more realistic than ever.

Samsung knows foldable technology. It still has a long way to go but the latest Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a great improvement. The screen is more durable. It even offers S-Pen support.

The stretchable display is new as it’s not only flexible. Samsung Display’s Vice President Changhee Lee said stretchable and foldable OLED technology has significantly improved so we can expect better foldable and flexible devices in the future.