Samsung looks ready to make a bigger move into the developer space, one that will have them following in the lines of some of the other big players. The company has announced the Samsung Developer Conference which will kick-off on October 27th. The event will take place in San Francisco, California and it one that Samsung is promising to be “major.”

More to that point, Samsung has said this conference will be more than just mobile, that it “will be a major, Samsung-wide, cross-product (multi-screen) developer event.” This event will run from October 27th through October 29th and while registration is not yet open, Samsung has setup a teaser page where you can pre-register your interest.

Engage with industry leaders.
Collaborate with fellow developers.
Learn about new Samsung tools and SDKs. Create what’s next.

Otherwise, the only other details were how Samsung is planning to open the full registration sometime “later this summer.” At that time those interested will be able to get more details about the event so better plans can be made. Until then, what we currently have is Samsung planning to kick-off an annual developer event this October.

That all being said, we cannot help but wonder which event this Samsung Developer Conference will be most alike — Google I/O, Apple WWDC or Microsoft’s BUILD. That thought aside, it does seem refreshing to see Samsung taking another step deeper with developer relations.

SOURCE: Samsung