Samsung‘s slowly been getting into Pico Projectors as of late, and now they’ve announced a brand new projector specifically with their Android Galaxy smartphones and tablets in mind. Earlier this year they released the Samsung Galaxy Beam smartphone with a built-in projector [see our review] but this is a dedicated Pico Projector. More details below.

It’s called the Samsung EAD-R10 mini pico projector and is currently available in South Korea. This isn’t quite a full featured Pico Projector as we’ve seen from other companies, but the important thing here is they’ve made it work seamlessly with their popular Galaxy smartphones. All you’ll need to do is hook up your Galaxy S III, Note II or other Galaxy devices using the micro-USB/MHL cable adapter and you’ll be streaming movies, games, YouTube videos and more all with the projector right to your surface of choice.

We don’t have an array of inputs and output options, or a dedicated HDMI port like most, but at the same time they’re offering this at a rather nice $220 price point. However the Samsung EAD-R10 projector does have a nHD 640×320 native resolution, but will scale to 720p with ease, and the built-in battery is 1,650 mAh that should last for at least a few hours of video.

The Projector features its own built-in loudspeaker for sound, and full support for a wide variety of office files for all you business users. This could be the perfect companion to your Galaxy Note II and all its productivity features. The new Samsung EAD-R10 Pico Projector certainly isn’t for everyone, but at least we have the option. More details can be found here.

[via SammyHub]


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