We all know Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone is super popular. If you all remember the initial launch there was a lot of talk about it being “designed for humans, inspired by nature.” Today we have a new video from the folks at Samsung showing us just all went into the creation and design of their new top-tier smartphone.

The video is about 5 minutes long, showing us the entire design team behind the Galaxy S III. Many love the design and a few don’t, but either way it has been selling like hot cakes. Samsung has reported well over 10 million sold already — so that’s a good sign. The clip starts off with their Senior VP of Mobile design and then continues through the group. Take a peek below.

The video is in Korean, but they’ve been nice enough to provide English subtitles so we can all follow along. The designers claim they found inspiration from nature for the clean and curved lines representing what we know and love as the Galaxy S III. Pretty neat little video if you ask us.

One designer even goes as far as to mention that the overall design, shape, and creation was in the end inspired by a pebble found on the beach. That is also where they came up with the Pebble Blue color option available today. Whether you love or hate the new Galaxy S III the phone is impressive and you should certainly give it a look and try. Check out our reviews and previous coverage below.

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[via SlashGear]