Samsung offered up a bunch the details on its Knox version of the Android operating system designed for business purposes back in March. The first time Samsung talked about Knox was in February and at the time it expected the business-oriented operating system to launch along with the GALAXY S4 this month. Sources are indicating that the launch of Knox is being delayed.

According to the sources, who claim to be briefed on Samsung’s plans, the launch has been pushed until the summer. The sources specifically say that Samsung is now looking at a launch around July. Neither of the two sources wanted to be identified, reports the New York Times, because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly about the company’s plans.

Some Samsung Galaxy smartphones are expected to ship with Knox preinstalled. These devices will be aimed at business users who in the past may have used devices such as the BlackBerry. While Samsung is eyeing July for a launch of Knox, that launch will apparently be a limited version of the operating system.

The sources tip that the fully featured version of Knox wouldn’t come until a later date. Reports indicate that all of the framework components required for the business centric operating system will come installed on the device. However, full-featured activation by solution providers and distribution channels wouldn’t be made available until a later date.

[via New York Times]