This year is probably going to see some more tech companies launching foldable smartphones in line with Samsung and Huawei. While Huawei’s momentum is slightly jolted due to the trade restrictions, Samsung – already mulling the possibility of new foldable devices – will lead the way. In that accord and to make foldable phones more mainstream, Samsung Display is reportedly planning to provide foldable-panels to other companies.

According to a report from ETNews, Samsung is all set to expand its foldable display business by selling such panels to other companies besides the Samsung Phone division. There is a plan to sell ten million panels this year to other companies and the shipping is slated to begin in second half of the year.

The report hints that multiple Chinese smartphone makers have been in talks with Samsung to supply foldable display panels. It is believed that Koreans have agreed to provide these (yet unnamed) manufacturers with the foldable displays.

This move would mean an end to the exclusivity of panels supplied for Samsung’s own foldable smartphones, nonetheless, the move will open up a new dimension for such devices. It will open up a space for the Korean tech company’s own foldable phones as more OMEs introducing foldable smartphones will mean more options for users and increased demand for the relatively new form factor.

Foldable phones have not been a rage but there is a growing demand, which Samsung has predicted will only increase this year. The company is going to supply display of both types – which its current foldables are based on – the flip and book-like fold.