Samsung has finally made available for pre-order their Connect Home, the first Smart Wi-Fi system that not only brings fast internet coverage to your house but also acts as a hub for your SmartThings devices around your house. The Samsung Connect Home Smart Wi-Fi System is available as either a three-pack package or a single item. They are also offering a single Samsung Connect Home Pro for those with higher bandwidth demands for gaming, streaming, or home offices.

The Samsung Connect Home will serve as your tool to turn your home into a mesh of connectivity so that every room in your house where you need the Internet will be covered. Each of the routers available have a coverage of 1,500 square feet and if you have a much bigger house, you can connect up to five of them to cover around 7,500 square feet.

But it also has another purpose if you have a lot of smart home stuff at home like lights, door locks, cameras, voice assistants, thermostats, etc. It can act as a SmartThings Hub and it will be compatible to hundreds of connected smart devices, and you don’t even need to pay monthly fees or subscribe to anything. You will be able to automate and manage your smart home from the Samsung Home Connect.

Of course it also offers safe and secure hardware-based security technologies and is pretty easy to set-up and manage. It also comes in a sleek and compact design so it shouldn’t be intrusive. The three-pack, which covers 4,500 square feet costs $379.99 while the single Connect Home is around $169.99. The Samsung Connect Home Pro is at $249.99. They will be available for pre-order through starting June 4.

SOURCE: Samsung


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