For all the naysayers that didn’t like Samsung’s Galaxy Note (you know who you are) Samsung has just confirmed that while the phone isn’t a smashing hit, it has still been quite popular. During their announcement yesterday of the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet they quickly reminded everyone that the original Galaxy Note has sold over 10 million units.

Just for a bit of context here. The Galaxy S III sold over 10 million in just over a month, but considering the small adoption rate by US carriers of the Note, that number is still quite good. Earlier this year in March Samsung announced they’d sold around 5 million, so it’s nice to see the Galaxy Note still doing well in most markets.

Either way Samsung felt that 10 million strong was enough to warrant a follow up, because come August 29th we’ll all be meeting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with a 5.5-inch display. The Galaxy Note 2 will be their third “Note” device with the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet taking second, and it is available starting today.

LG has released their own Optimus Vu, and reports suggest HTC is planning their own “phablet” too, but for now Samsung is clearly leading the 5-inch and bigger market. Have you used the Galaxy Note, or does the size seem too large? We’ll be live in Berlin, Germany, for the unveiling of the Note 2 so stay tuned if you’re interested.

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[via Gottabemobile]


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