Samsung is apparently preparing to bring the NFC-enabled version of the Galaxy S II to the UK next month, having initially launched the Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone in its non-NFC form. The decision was apparently confirmed by two Samsung support staff, who told one would-be GSII customer that “the NFC [model] would be launched in the UK by June.”

However, they also confirmed that Samsung has no plans to launch the 32GB version of the GSII in the UK, despite the higher-capacity model being available in other regions. Instead, the UK will be stuck with the 16GB model only, though of course that can be expanded using up to 32GB microSD cards.

It’s unclear if the NFC decision means that there will be two versions of the Galaxy S II co-existing in the UK market – some NFC-enabled, others not – or if the updated model will replace the original. That could frustrate early-adopters, however, who will see those coming later to the GSII game picking up a handset eventually capable of wireless payments and other talents.

[via Mobot]


  1. Here in UK the Vodafone still not having the product in the shops or online because they are loading their crap on the phone which has not been approved yet. So I will have to wait another three weeks for a device with NFC since I’m waiting from March until now after so many delays by Samsung and now by Vodafone. Is quite pity the 32GB it won’t be for UK market. Double storage good for HD movies. 🙂

  2.  I seriously wants this phone man…especially for the NFC, I may not have to buy another phone for 3 years…come to the States!!  phone for 3 years…come to the States!! 

  3. f___ing great. My phone is out of date within a month.Such a con. It was originally marketted as having nfc and biometric facial recognition phone unlock function. I preordered and got a phone with neither function to be told now that i infact bought a beta phone in effect and the propper phone is released a month later, after i spent £500 on the inferior model. This is just  cr@p.


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