Samsung began talking about a game called Unicorn Apocalypse in some commercials a little while back. The latest commercial began airing about a week ago and as of today — the game is available by way of the Google Play Store. Yes, Samsung has released Unicorn Apocalypse and you can download and begin playing it right now. The game is free and requires nothing more than a device running 1.6 or later.

Unicorn Apocalypse comes by way of Liquid Gameworks and was actually a contest winner. While neat to see Samsung actually release this game, and possibly even cooler — with such a fun looking app icon, but unfortunately, the game does not seem to be all that good. In fact, we are sort of glad it is available for free.

The game is fairly simple, you run the unicorn and jump from building to building avoiding the fire below. There is also some obstacles in the form of traps and people shooting. The controls are also simple, you either run at regular speed, jump or dash. Basically, the game will likely be fun for a few minutes time, or for when have a few minutes to spend doing nothing and don’t want to get super involved in anything.

If you hadn’t already guessed, you are playing as the unicorn and your role is to avoid the soldiers in the Anti Unicorn Force (AUF). Otherwise, Samsung notes that there is linear difficulty scaling, three menacing boss types, an epic metal soundtrack and an engaging apocalyptic environment. We will let you be the judge of how accurate those descriptions are. Those interested should follow the link below.

[via Google Play]