Samsung isn’t a stranger when it comes to mixing a camera with a smartphone. Or for that matter, a camera that is running Android. Examples here include the Galaxy S4 Zoom, the Galaxy Camera and the Galaxy NX. But assuming the plans are carried out as expected, it appears Samsung is going to further combine the two.

Details are coming by way of the Korean language ET News who are reporting that Samsung has integrated the camera and smartphone divisions. Specifically, the Digital Imaging Business and Wireless Business sides. This is said to be in an effort to “create synergies between smartphones and cameras.”

Further comments coming from the report touch on how Samsung is “looking to capture the largest share of the global mirrorless camera market in 2015.” Still a full year away, but it can be said that big goals sometimes take time to accomplish.

“We will transplant the brand, sales networks, software competency and manufacturing competitiveness of the Wireless Business Division into the Camera Business Division, and integrate the technical know-how of the two business divisions into competency for differentiating our smartphones.”

While there is still plenty of details that have yet to be revealed, it does appear Samsung is going after a feature we often hear people complaining about — the smartphone camera. We can only hope they find a way to do this, and keep from rolling out another half-smartphone half-camera device. Yes, for that we are looking towards the Galaxy S4 Zoom.