Samsung has just pushed an update to its ChatON messaging app and service that brings along some rather interesting, if not amusing, features. Starting version 3.5, users can recall already sent messages, send larger files to chatmates and have as much as 1,001 persons in a single chat room.

If that first feature has gotten you interested, you can hardly be blamed. In this update, ChatON users can take back messages that they have sent. This might actually be useful to prevent those embarrassing moments caused by messages sent in the heat of the moment. Except that the feature still works even if the other party has already seen the message. Perhaps it’s a way to remove all evidence from the Internet, though it can hardly undo any effect that has already been done.

That is, of course, not the only new feature in this update. Users can now share their real-time location with their conversation partner for a specified period of time, perfect to prove that you are really where you claim you are. This feature comes via Glympse, though Samsung fails to mention whether the app needs to be installed as well. The group chat feature has also been vastly improved, increasing the maximum number of participants from 200 to 1,001. Why there is an excess of one is anybody’s guess. Finally, the size cap for file transfers has also been increased to 1 GB, making it easier to share those legitimately acquired or produced videos.

ChatON is now available in 14 languages, including Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, and Hindi. The app is also available on a variety of platforms aside from Android, like iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and even PCs. The ChatON app is the only messaging app that integrates perfectly with Samsung’s Multi Window features. Unfortunately, it is also probably the least used instant messaging service, which would make all those features rather moot.

SOURCE: Samsung