If you thought a premium version of the Galaxy S5 was on its way, think again. Samsung CEO JK Shin says there will be no such version, a rumor that first had legs as an “F” series from Samsung. Shin flat out denies such a premium model exists, telling Korean media it’s just plain “wrong”.

The device was said to have a pretty amazing QHD screen, and a metal unibody much like the HTC One. Though it would have been a welcome departure from the normal Samsung offerings, it’s not a surprise if it doesn’t exist. It also wouldn’t be a shock if it ended up coming out later on.

Samsung is trying to sell you a Galaxy S5. The device is yet to launch, and they’ve already tempered expectations on sales figures compared to previous models. Why would Shin essentially shoot Samsung in the foot by admitting a better model of their flagship was in the works? We’re not saying he’s lying, but if he was — it wouldn’t surprise us.

Do we want a premium Samsung device? Sure. Are we expecting it? Nope. Aside from what would be long-term effects on their flagship brand’s identity, it’s just not the Samsung way. They’re going with fake leather-and-stitching, not a metal unibody. They do removable batteries, not fully enclosed devices. A heftier Galaxy might be the unicrn device we’ll never get, but rest assured — Samsung will give us enough handsets to make us forget we ever knew about it in the first place.

Via: GforGames