Samsung has teamed up with CellTrust to bring an end to pagers. One of the lone holdouts for pagers have been medical professionals, which often rely on CellTrust’s secure messaging service for their needs. Along with Samsung, CellTrust wants to provide smartphones and wearables to medical professionals as a replacement solution for those clunky pagers.

With PULSE, CellTrust’s messaging solution, medical staff have a secure method for relaying information, which meets stringent HIPAA requirements. Coupled with Samsung devices, the two companies hope to both streamline and alleviate the concerns of medical staff. No more looking at a pager to call in; simply relay the info to the appropriate staff via the secure app.

CellTrust is selling this as a multi-platform solution, where a message can be sent from the Nurse’s station at a hospital to various staff in the instance of a massive accident or other emergency situation. By relaying one message quickly to needed staff, response time can improve. Those who are needed at the hospital can walk in adequately prepared for what they’re about to face, too.

With mass communication solutions, those who are charged with saving lives have more at their disposal. Quick, secure messaging not only gets the info to the team faster, it also allows for important details to be shared. Walking into situations where every second counts makes partnerships like this much more important.

VIA: Phone Arena