You’ve been aching to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy, ever since it was announced. And then, sure enough, Samsung came through with their intentions and announced a comparable device on each of the main wireless carriers here in the United States. They’re all getting one. Which means that most of us out there have some options, and you know how we feel about options (they’re great). But, you’re probably waiting to see what it looks like out of the box, right? How about some video? Good. Because we’ve got that for you now, thanks to the fine folks over at SlashGear.

This one’s the Samsung Captivate. That’s the model that’s going to launch on AT&T in just a matter of days, which means it’s just about the perfect time to make sure you know what you’re getting, and if it’s worth it. As you can see from the plethora of pictures, and the video below, you should be able to make a pretty good educated guess as to whether or not the device will be something you want. So, without us ruining it anymore for you — here you go:

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[via SlashGear]