With people upgrading their phones seemingly as regularly as the sun rises, there will always be the “old phone in a closet somewhere”. Old phones are e-waste, they become worthless and unusable after a few years. Unless you “upcycle”, which Samsung did with 40 old Galaxy S5 phones. Take a look at what they built.

Upcycling is the process of using not-so-old stuff that you aren’t using anymore, but can be re-purposed to work as something totally useful. Okay, you may not have 40 old Samsung Galaxy S5 phones in your closet – but this Bitcoin mining rig that Samsung built is a picture of what is possible.

Samsung’s Bitcoin Mining Cluster – made from aforementioned old phones – runs on a totally new operating system. It harnesses the power of 40 Snapdragon 801 processors, and can mine better and more efficiently than a standard Intel i7-powered desktop computer.

The best thing for the planet is that old devices are put to work and not thrown away, and this Samsung bitcoing mining rig seems to be a great picture for upcycling.

SOURCE: Motherboard


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