The Always On Display for the new Samsung flagships, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, is pretty useful for a lot of people, especially those that receive a lot of messages and notifications, as it allows you to keep your phone locked even while you’re being updated. There’s always room for improvement though, and Samsung is now bringing an update to this feature, and along with it comes improvements for other aspects of your flagship device.

Users will now be able to set a time limit as to when your device will remain always on. Even if the feature may save you some battery life, it can also cause a bit of battery drainage. And so having the option to limit this display to a custom time range may save you even more battery consumption. The Dual Clock option has now been renamed to World Clock because you are now allowed to have four clocks from various regions around the world, enabled all at the same time.

Another update to your smartphone, well if you have the Galaxy S7 edge, would be your Night Clock feature only getting 18 hours max from the previously advertised 24 hours. But if you have both the Always On display and the Night Clock enabled and during the same time range, it’s the Night Clock that your device will follow.

All these new things will be include in the update to the Always On Display. Just head on over to Settings > Display > Always on Display then go to the About section and press the update button.

VIA: SAM Mobile