If you have a new or relatively new Samsung TV, you should know that there are a lot of things you can do with it especially if you also have a Samsung smartphone. The Mobile View feature that’s available on selected TVs brings some things that will make it easier to share content on a bigger screen with a special emphasis on “outdoor viewing”. The border between mobile and TV has been slowly disappearing and so these features or view types will come in handy.

The Tap View feature will allow you to connect your smartphone to your Smart TV without having to use complicated settings or even Wi-Fi or data networks. As the name says, you just tap your phone to the edge of the TV to start enjoying your mobile content on the bigger screen. If you also have a new Samsung soundbar, you can also tap your phone to it and get “richer sound quality” from the video playing on your phone. You just need to activate both on your SmartThings app.

Multi View meanwhile will let you display your smartphone screen on the TV while also viewing what it is you’re watching on the bigger screen. Basically, you can multi-task by seeing and using your phone’s content while watching something else. This can be useful for when you’re watching a sports match and you want to see comments on Twitter about it. Or you can play a game and look for cheats or tips on YouTube or Google.

The Music Wall feature will give you a visualization of the music you’re listening to. It can be used too when you’re having a party in your backyard (once the pandemic is over hopefully) and you need some background visuals as you’re playing music. The My Album feature meanwhile will let you view and display photos from your phone without having to use the SmartThings app. Just choose the ones you want to look at, press share and then “View pictures on TV” and voila, you’re there.

Lastly, Smart View will just simply wirelessly connect your phone to your TV screen. You can just swipe down from your home screen and see the option to do so. Samsung is saying Mobile View works well with their new Terrace TV but even if your TV is inside your house, this will still work of course.


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