Our dream of having a fully connected home isn’t just part of sci-fi stories anymore. Over the years we’ve seen smart devices invade our home and making our lives more convenient (and sometimes scarier). OEMs are trying their best to have things connected into one hub and one of those, SmartThings from Samsung, is getting better at linking devices and commands or triggers together. The Korean OEM announced improved Rules API for the company they acquired back in 2014.

There are SmartThings devices like security cameras, motion and door sensors, IoT devices, etc, but the main purpose of this acquisition is to be able to link third-party devices seamlessly and conveniently. There are currently 5,000 devices that can be connected through their eco-system which is still a far cry from what their competitors are able to support. And so Samsung wants to get more partners on board by making it easier for them to integrate their devices.

Early next year, they will be introducing the new SmartThings Device SDK Beta program to make it easier for potential partners to connect. Currently, they can already link directly or virtually but this is a quicker and better way. The Rules API will also be getting a boost to make it more flexible for those who want to create connections between devices with just one command. They will also allow for “more intelligent rules” although they did not elaborate on that at the Samsung Developer Conference.

But based on what we know so far, the rules that you can create for your connected devices may be more specific and can even bypass managing servers, time-based preferences, and even the individual settings of each of the devices. More importantly, they will also be adding local execution support eventually so that even if your internet is done, you will still be able to execute your rules. And even if you’re online, the latency will be reduced and the rules will apply more quickly.

Samsung is also making SmartThings work for users even before they move in to their new house or apartment. They are partnering with companies like Entrata, Ruckus, and iQuue to wire homes and be ready for compatible devices through the SmartThings hub.