The Korean manufacturer has let it be known in advance that it has scheduled something special for the morning of May 28 in San Francisco. However, with nothing but “a new conversation about health”, Samsung has left the door open for speculation and guesswork of what it will all be about, including, of course, wearable devices.

Samsung is no stranger when it comes to mixing mobile devices and fitness. It has had its eyes on the health market for some time now, with the Samsung-exclusive S Health app appearing long ago. When the Galaxy Gear came to the scene, it was only natural to expect it to tie in with that budding health program, though the smartwatch was hardly something you’d consider sporty, at least compared with sports wristbands to the likes of Nike’s FuelBand and the like.

It was perhaps only with the arrival of the Galaxy S5 and the second generation of Gear wearables that Samsung was seen to be really serious with the health applications of mobile devices. Aside from the Gear Fit, which is a smart sportsband itself, the Gear 2 and the Galaxy S5 have been fitted with sensors and apps that shine a better light on their user’s health condition, exercise regimen, and physical activities.

That said, Samsung also has a lot of health-related appliances in its catalog, but it rarely makes as big a splash about them considering they aren’t meant for the mass market. It would be quite surprising if Samsung outed another smart wristband this early in the game, though it could possibly also be announcing extensions,apps, or partnerships for the Gear Fit. It could very well also unveil new wearables that focus solely on more active users. Whatever it may be, it is clear that Samsung wants to become integrated into every part of consumers’ lives, from entertainment, to mobile devices, to smart appliances, and now even health.