Bixby Update October 2020

We’re not really sure about Samsung’s plans for Bixby but the South Korean tech giant will still go on with working on and releasing updates. We may not notice some of them but we know there are small changes and improvements here and there. Bixby Vision will no longer have AR-features. We mentioned the update that delivered Finder integration, smart TV interaction, other new features. The company also added more accessibility features through Bixby Vision. In South Korea, Bixby even got the Celebrity Voice treatment.

The service is getting a new redesign. Mainly, the Voice Assistant service is being improved although the changes are very minor. But then this small change could be the first step to a bigger and more widespread change of the UI.

As spotted by one redditor, the Bixby UI now shows a flashy icon. The bottom navigation bar has been revised as well. The changes are a good indication that, at least, the Voice Assistant will still be available. Samsung won’t discontinue support for it not anytime soon.

Does Bixby still matter when there is the Google Assistant or even Alexa? Well, we can’t answer that for you. Perhaps the Samsung Galaxy phone owners may tell you about its advantages or disadvantages. Right now, we’re just curious as to what really are the plans of Samsung for the Bixby AI assistant.


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