Wow, this one’s a curve ball. The Samsung Behold II has had a torrid affair with the Internet lately, with the fact that it got denied Android 2.x, received an update to Android 1.6, but then that too got pulled. No fun for anyone, if you ask us. But, that’s not stopping the folks over at Cincinnati Bell from getting their hands on it, and getting ready to launch it on their own 3G-enabled network.

But, there’s a few pieces of information here that will interest a couple people out there. For example, this Behold II isn’t like any other Behold II out there. What are we talking about? Unlike the Behold II that’s running on T-Mobile right now, this one’s unhindered by any kind of User Interface skins/customization. Yep, that’s right: it’s stock Android. Though, at the time of this writing, we can’t confirm what version of Android is running under the hood. We’re assuming Android 1.6, but we could be wrong. (Basically, if you’re in the Cincinnati Bell region and can check out one of the devices, let us know which version it is, okay?)

As far as pricing goes, it certainly won’t break the bank. For $129.99, you’ll be able to get the stock Android version of the Behold II. Of course, that price is after you sign your name on that contract for a new, two-year contract, and after you send in that $100 mail-in rebate. You could also buy it out-right for $229.99, which will also get you a $100 mail-in rebate, too. So, anyone out there interested in a skin-less Behold II?

[via Phandroid]