If you’re the (proud) owner of a Samsung Behold 2, then you know all about the chaos that happened when the manufacturer declared Android 1.6 was as good as it would get for updates. But, it’s better than nothing. Then again, you may look at it another way, and of course we can’t stop you. If you did get the update to Android 1.6, and you noticed that your device was suddenly having some signal issues, you actually aren’t the only one. In fact, it was happening enough that T-Mobile USA felt the need to pull the update completely.

When wireless carriers roll out an OTA update, they do it in waves for one reason, amongst many: to see how the update interacts with users on their devices. It’s a great way to make sure that everything is working well, and without hitches. Unfortunately for this particular update, that’s not how things went. Signal issues apparently marred the update, and that’s forced T-Mobile’s hand.

Sure, that’s going to rub a lot of folks the wrong way, but it gets worse: T-Mobile’s not saying when the update will show up again. That’s right: no future date, at the moment. With all of that doom and gloom aside, let’s look at the big picture, though. Things happen, updates don’t go the way we all want, and there’s no reason for T-Mobile to keep a flawed update available for people to download, and further mess up their handsets. That just wouldn’t make sense. With that in mind, did anyone out there with a Behold 2 that did get the update notice any signal discrepancies?

[via Tmo News]


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