So yesterday was the day the Samsung Behold 2 came out to the general public, woohoo! But, what happened? T-mobile sure didn’t do anything exciting about it. I guess they knew that the $229.99 sticker price on it was a little too high.

Well, I guess the price we announced was right, but unfortunately, we also were right about people not been happy with that price. I mean, $230 after discounts and a two year agreement! Especially when there are other choices, better and cheaper, like the Verizon DROID by Motorola.

So what do you think folks, you think T-Mobile is holding the big sale until black Friday? It could be, but why not start with a low price right away? The display on the Behold 2 looks great, but looks are not enough for some people. Anyway, check here for more on this new Android smartphone by Samsung.

And if you buy it, you’ll find inside the box the following accessories; Battery, Charger, USB cable, the Stereo Hands-Free Headset, a 2GB SD Card (yea, I was hoping for at least a 4GB, but hey) and the Carrying case.