It looks like we have another Samsung patent filing that has been discovered ahead of the Galaxy S4 announcement. While this latest does not necessarily mean it will be related to what is announced this evening, the timing does seem suspicious. The filing is with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and is for the term; “Hyper Bright Display.”

As for that coincidence in timing part, the USPTO filing was dated for March 11, 2013. Basically, it looks like Samsung slipped this one in just ahead of the March 14 event. We will find out later this evening if Samsung mentions anything related to a Hyper Bright Display. Or for that matter, we also hope to learn what exactly what it means. If nothing else, it does sound sort of exciting.

But then again, sometimes these terms sound quite a bit flashier than they actually are in real life. Further scanning of this filing show this registration was refused. The filing shows this was refused “because the applied-for mark merely describes features of applicant’s goods. The filing also goes on to show that each of these three terms have simple dictionary definitions.

These, as noted in the filing, are as follows; “hyper” (excessive), “bright” (giving off a great deal of light), and “display” (to provide on a computer screen).” Time will tell whether or not this filing receives approval and perhaps more important for tonight, whether Samsung makes a big deal out of the term. And remember to stick with Android Community this evening as we will have plenty of Samsung coverage.

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