At the end of last week, Samsung released a video for the Galaxy S III Premium Suite upgrade that broke down some of the new features we should expect to see on the device such as multi-window. Now, Samsung has pushed part two of the video which lets us see the rest of the features that we will be enjoying on the S III. There is definitely some good stuff, and it gives users even more reason to constantly check that update screen on their devices.

The first set of features in the update come from the multimedia side of things. The first feature available is called Paper Artist, which allows you change the mood of a picture at any time. Samsung is also adding a low-light camera option. It also has a mode for taking group photos, which automatically takes five photos, in hopes that you can get one without any blinking subjects.

Samsung is also adding easy mode. This is designed for first time smartphone users to get a feel for the device with five of the most popular widgets. Another cool feature to help new smartphone users is the Setup Wizard. This opens the accessibility menu right away and gets everything up and running more easily.

Samsung is also adding Sound Balance, which allows users to control the volume of each earphone individually. The update also combines Samsung’s Talk Back and Face Detection features to have the camera tell you how many faces it can see before you snap the photo. The video above breaks everything down directly from Samsung.

[via TechCrunch]