The Internet of Things(IoT) has just begun–it’s happening slowly but surely. We’ve been seeing a number of products and services introduced left and and at this year’s IFA, expect more IoT products to be unveiled. One of the forerunners is Samsung with the launch of SLEEPsense–a flat circular device that tracks a person’s sleep patterns, hours, and movements.

SLEEPsense is like any fitness and trackers available in the market today but this one promises to be more accurate. Measuring only one centimeter thick/thin, the SLEEPsense can also control other home appliances like the TV or air conditioner. SLEEPsense features the EarlySense tech platform that allows anyone to detect breathing and heart rate during sleep. It’s a US FDA-approved system that a number of companies already use to monitor physical and health stats and send notifications to anyone as needed.

Looks like smart home technology is now in its early stages as more companies are joining the bandwagon of smart-connected and smart-controlled devices. TVs, lights, and air conditioners are the more common devices that can now be easily controlled with a few taps on a compatible mobile device. Just recently, LG showed off the SmartThinQ Sensor and AllJoyn technology and the the other day, Google introduced the Google On companion app for the OnHub router.

Samsung has not given details on pricing yet but we learned SLEEPsense will be available first in South Korea before 2015 ends. Other regions will soon follow so be patient. Let’s just hope that other brands won’t be quick to follow and release a similar device but hey, who’s gonna stop them?

SOURCE: Samsung