If you’re looking to get a device that you can bring around with you and use to project videos, presentations, and whatever else you want to put on a bigger space, Samsung has announced a new portable projector that can fit your needs. The Freestyle is being marketed as a “portable screen and entertainment device” but is basically an all-in-one projector, smart speaker, and even ambient lighting device. It is a device you can carry around and turn any space into a screen.

The Freestyle projector is able to project content with a display size from 30 to 100 inches and at a 1080p resolution. It has a 180-degree cradle stand so you can also project it on the ceiling if you want to watch something while lying down. Samsung says you can show high-quality video on tables, floors, walls, and ceilings and no separate screen is needed. It comes with auto keystone and auto leveling features so it is able to adjust to any surface and any angle.

You also don’t need to connect it to a speaker (unless you want to) as the Freestyle has a dual passive radiator with a clean and deeper bass without distortion. It even gives you a 360-degree sound radiation so you feel like you’re getting cinema-quality sound no matter where you’re projecting it or where you are. It is compatible with external batteries that support USB-PD and 50W/20V output so you can carry it anywhere.

The projector can also be used for mood lighting when it’s not being used to stream content on any surface with its ambient mode and a translucent lens cap. And if you just want to use it to play music, you can use it as a smart speaker and if you want visual effects, it will be able to analyze the music you’re playing and project a visualizer on whatever surface you want. It also has Smart TV features similar to Samsung Smart TVs as you can access built-in streaming services plus mirroring and casting features from compatible mobile devices.

The Samsung Freestyle is now available for pre-order in the U.S on the Samsung website and will eventually be available in other regions in the next few months. The price tag is a bit steep at $899 but that’s to be expected given its features.


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